How to Preserve Herbs As Delicious and Beneficial Herb Vinegars

If you are new to home herb gardening you may not remember that there are interesting ways of protecting herbs for long periods once you have grown them. You can preserve them in oil to prepare savoury infusions or you can preserve them by freezing or drying out. However, protecting in vinegar is one of the simplest and easiest ways of making sure you can continue to enjoy your herbs all through the year once you have farmed them.

In this article I’ll familiarizes you with some unfamiliar (and perhaps strange! ) ways of using herb vinegars, and then go on to go into detail how you can make your own vinegars from your bottled and jarred packaged goods favorite herbs and herb mixtures.

Little-known Ways of Using Herbs Preserved in Vinegar

Herb protecting using vinegar can produce delicious and flavorsome vinegars for use on salads and cooking, but you can also use herbal vinegars cosmetically, and to treat common health ailments:

— Mint and marigold cider vinegar when diluted and splashed over the face is asked improve the tone of the skin
— Lavender vinegar when used as a decrease frequently helps to relieve headaches
— Some herbal vinegars can be used as antiseptics for cleaning and poultices

And there are many other ways of using herb vinegars, some of them centuries old — given to from mother to daughter for generations. Once you have produced your first portion of herbal vinegars by following my instructions below, I encourage you to use some research to learn more about the different uses of herbal and plant vinegars.

How to make Your Herbal Vinegars

I mentioned earlier in this article that protecting herbs in vinegar isn’t difficult. All you need is cider or wine vinegar and some clean jars with prop tops. Your herbs can be fresh or dried. Start with herbs but you can also use seasonings and flowers to make vinegars.

— First fill your vessel one-third full with your herbs
— Next top-up your vessel with cider or wine vinegar. Secure the top and leave for few weeks
— The “infused” vinegar should piso wifi pause time have quite a strong flavor following this period of time. If you want it stronger, strain off the herbs and repeat the process using the same portion of vinegar
— Finally, strain the vinegar to remove the herbs and store it in a suitable bottle.

You can make your herb vinegars look really good on your table by using different formed containers and inserting live sprigs of the fresh herbs into them (the vinegar keeps these sprigs so that they continue to look good for months). The fresh herbs will sink to at the base of the surface of the vinegar, but they’ll open out to create a wonderfully artistic effect that is guaranteed to attract the attention of your friends when they’re next invited round for lunch!

Using herbs Combination in Maintenance

With a little bit of imagination you can also use exactly the same method to make a choice of vinegars with different flavors, but instead of using a single herb use a combination of herbs. Try the following:

1 part tarragon — 2 parts orange balm
1 part basil — 2 parts salad burnett
1 part all tarragon, basil & chives — 2 parts all orange thyme & salad burnett — 1 garlic cloves clove

Here again I recommend you do some research to discover more regarding other exciting and interesting mixtures for protecting herbs in vinegar.

Use Your Skills & Experiment

You now know all the essential information about protecting herbs in vinegar; and you can use exactly the same method for flowers, seasonings etc. Try and prepare a few different herbal vinegars every year using the methods described. When you feel really confident and have a whole choice of different herb vinegars on your kitchen shelves, you might also try selling them and providing them with as presents to your friends!

This article by Adam Gilpin has been produced to encourage more individuals to create their own herb gardens and see the hundreds of different ways in which herbs can be used. Adam has just launched an ambitious and extensive program of on-line activities to provide help, advice and assistance with all facets of herb gardening.