Health tips

Prostate disorders are increasing to become a serious health risk for men around the world. Small prostate dysfunctions can cause more deadly diseases and prostate cancer. According to the official statistics the number of prostate cancer cases has nearly doubled in past 20 years.

 1. Minimize alcohol consumption. Alcohol-based drinks neutralize zinc as well as vitamin B6 (which helps in the absorption of zinc).

 2. Drink low fat milk and eat lean meat dishes – some researchers believe that saturated fats in meats and dairy products can increase the chance of developing prostate cancer.

 3. Eat more soy – clinical studies demonstrate that the increasing estrogen-to-testosterone ratio as a result of aging is one of the key factors that impacts badly on the size of prostate gland. “Liposomal selenium mineral supplement” Consuming at least 2 ounces soy every day can reduce estrogen levels in your body and help restore balance to the estrogen-to testosterone ratio that is getting imbalanced at men aged 60 and over. Soy products that are high in protein include soy flour, powder miso, tempeh roasting soy nuts, and tofu (soybean curd).

 4. Improve your circulation Utilize Kegel exercises to increase a better blood flow for your prostate and urogenital organs. For the Kegel exercise, pull all your muscles around the anus and scrotum, keep them stretched, and then let them loose. 10 exercises followed by 5-6 exercises every day will increase the blood flow to your prostate gland tissue.

 5. Follow healthy diet. Consume more fruits, berries and vegetables to provide your body with essential natural antioxidants and vitamins. Avoid eating sugars, saturated fats and cooked foods. Meals containing high levels of fats like dairy products can raise testosterone levels and cause enlargement of prostate gland and abnormal cell growth. Take in different types of vegetables, like brussels sprouts, cabbage, sauerkraut, broccoli and coleslaw. A diet of just three servings of vegetables per day can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by up to 45%!

 6. The increase in Selenium consumption. Selenium is extremely important to ensure that your prostate is healthy. The foods containing good levels of Selenium include eggs, cashews and brazil nuts, garlic, wheat germ, kelp, herring, tuna, and other seafood and shellfish, cashews, onions and mushrooms Sesame and sunflower seeds kidney and liver of beef.

 7. Eat 2 or 3 meals containing oily fish per week, such as wild salmon (do not eat farmed salmon which is being fed with Artificial feed).

 8. Enhance Zinc consumption. Zinc intake of 15 mg per day is helpful to maintain a healthy and well-functioning prostate function. Good Zinc sources are pumpkin seed in shell, oysters, nuts and beans.

 9. Two servings of tomato sauce every week lowers the risk of developing prostate cancer. Cooked tomatoes breakdown their cell walls, allowing your body to absorb antioxidants lycopene derived from tomatoes. This is essential for your body.

 10. Use nutritional supplementation. Take a high-quality multivitamin supplement with the following microelements and vitamins to maintain your prostate’s health: Vitamin A (25,000 IU) Lycopene (10 mg) and Vitamin E (1,200 in IU).

 11. Be mindful of a the healthy lifestyle. Your body needs a healthy time to rest and regularly physical exercises. Regular exercise has been found to increase the strength of the digestive and immune systems, circulation in the body, and the elimination of body waste and toxins. Exercise can also help in prevention of obesity, as an obesity is considered as one of the main causes that increase likelihood of contracting cancer as well as other ailments. Systematic exercising can also reduce the possibility of the prostate gland getting enlarged.

 12. Reverse body damage. Being in a stressful environment for long periods of time causes numerous damages in your body. To help stop and reverse these harmful processes use Ayurstate – proven Ayurvedic herbal supplements for prostate health. Ayurstate has more than hundreds of ayurvedic phytonutrients that act on molecular level to restore and heal damaged body tissues, provide the prostate gland with a rejuvenation, decrease levels of polyamines and prostaglandin. This herbal remedy also effectively stimulates your urogenital system’s smooth muscles, and helps reduce uretra and menstrual gland irritation. Developed basing on ancient Ayurveda medicine principles, Ayurstate causes no clinically known adverse effects and addresses not just symptoms, but also the root causes of prostate disorders.