How to play tennis game?

Conditioning and training for tennis can’t be separated from tennis players who want to be at their best. Any good training facility that is able to teach tennis now has a strength and conditioning coach in order to optimize the practice to the maximum extent possible.

 Conditioning and training for tennis have to be integrated in the practice routine if you wish to get maximum Forest Crest Athletic Club results from your practice. For beginner players, 25 percent of your time should be spent conditioning and at higher level 1/3 of the time is not too much.

 Training for conditioning covers everything from balance and coordination to strength training. The most successful tennis players are the ones who are full athletes. In order to compete at the highest level, tennis players must be quick, fast, strong, powerful, explosive, adaptable, and, of course, they need a good aerobic capacity.

 The players who follow a proper conditioning training will be able to be a lot better on the court of tennis when they are playing or practicing matches. The most skilled tennis players are those who are the most efficient in their strokes, however they are also those who are most fit on the court.

 Conditioning training can be performed either on or off the court. It needs to be completely integrated into the tennis training. Agility drills are a great option to do daily on the court in between, or before or after the practice. It will allow the players to improve their footwork technique and will make them a lot quicker on the court. When the players are able to move with ease, they will enjoy more opportunities to be prepared for their shots , and they will be a lot more efficient. Being a great shot but failing to move efficiently or properly set up will not assist a tennis player when it is in a game situation. This is why conditioning on the court , including agility drills could be very useful to tennis players.

 Off court, every once or twice a week, doing some exercise will allow the players to stay fit. A good aerobic level, lets players be more intense while they play or practice matches. Tennis is a very intense activity and we see too often players that are exhausted too quickly or do not recover well. Continuous cardio training such like running or biking for 30 minutes can make a difference in the prevention of the situation.

 Another important aspect of fitness is strength training. Strength training must be completely integrated in the program due to the fact that players are getting stronger and stronger and in order to keep up with your competitors, you must be as strong as they are. Training for strength is also the best method to prevent injuries that happen to often for tennis players.

 Flexibility is also essential in order to avoid injuries. This is why a proper stretching routine performed daily will be extremely beneficial for an athlete in tennis.

 The most important thing in conditioning training is consistency for at least a week basis. If a player is in the gym for three weeks and then stop completely for a short period of time, his physical condition will drop. It is very important to keep working out at a minimum to keep the level of fitness of players. When a player do not strike balls for too long, it will be difficult for him to return to his former level again. Similar to what happens in conditioning training.

 Conditioning and training for tennis need to be done together and in a consistent manner. This is essential for becoming a good tennis player. That is why it’s so difficult to achieve the highest levels in the sport. Professional tennis players are full athletes who put in the effort on and off the court by taking specific fitness programs designed specifically for tennis. This must be done at any age and at any level to allow a player to achieve his maximum potential.