Google: More Than Just a Search Engine

We all agree that in terms of searching online, the world-wide-web-dominating Google is almost omnipotent. It is all-knowing that it always has the answers we seek right at our fingertips. Better yet, little that people knows Google is far more than just a search engine. It has a Buy Google Reviews number of great extensions and applications that many of us do not know yet. Why don’t we try discovering some of them?

Handy Dictionary

While many of us are satisfied to whack in just a few words when searching for some bits of information via Google, a couple of minor tweaks can actually make it a lot more reliable like the use of the key syntax “define:.” The said function will give an easy access to Google’s free dictionary service, defining the words and/or phrases searched for. Plus, it will provide lists of organized definitions and source pages that can also define the same or similar words or phrases.

Easy Calculator

If a simple calculation is needed, especially for instances when web pages are most easily accessed than a calculator application, Google search box can actually be utilized as one. Just key in a mathematical expression and Google will solve it. What’s more interesting about this feature is that we can also use it for specific conversion needs say, weight, height or even money currencies. All that is needed is to key in the things to convert in a mathematical form in the Google search box and it will answer with detailed conversions.

Scholastic Resource

What makes Google reliable for the academic users is its brilliant Google Scholar services. By visiting, we can easily get lists of trustworthy resources for various purposes. In this site, Google automatically filters search results and provides only verified links to journals and scholarly literature from accredited government agencies, institutions or professional societies.