Sugar, the Silent Killer!

Sugar, it is not your friend. In fact, it is your worst nightmare. I know you like it, but stop. Now. Before you get in too deep. I know you crave it, but stop. No more. And not just for now, FOREVER! I know its hard, but I did it. Its been 2 years completely sucrose free. And yes I know, sugar comes in many forms, but the stuff I am talking about is SUCROSE. The additive form to almost anything you eat. Look close at what you eat, 9 times out of 10 it contains processed sugar. This sugar did not naturally come with your food, it was added! Sugar is bad, very bad. It is known as the anti-nutrient. Just what I want to eat, something that strips the nutrients from my body. Sugar is known to cause cancer! Yikes! Sugar disrupts hormones! Ahh! Sugar causes diabetes! Run! Sugar suppresses the immune system! What? Sugar causes tooth decay! Ouch! Sugar causes mineral deficiencies! Great! The list goes on and on…You get the point. Let’s analyze sugar and it’s effects on your body.

Sugar or sucrose is made up of fructose and glucose scraping google. Glucose is simple sugar that most of our cells in our body use for energy. Glucose can be found in several carbohydrates from rice to bread and even table sugar. When enough glucose is absorbed by the body your brain sends the “I’ m full” signal so you stop eating. This means that your blood glucose levels are optimum for now. When you see diabetics measuring their blood sugar they are in turn measuring blood glucose levels. This lets them know if their blood sugar is high or low. Most chronic fatigue sufferers can tell if their blood sugar is too high or low. Low blood sugar symptoms can be; cranky or aggressive feeling, nervous, headache, hunger, shaking or trembling, sleeping trouble, sweating, tingling or numbness of the skin, tiredness or weakness, and unclear thinking. High blood sugar symptoms can be; frequent hunger, especially pronounced hunger, frequent thirst, especially excessive thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, fatigue (sleepiness), weight loss, poor wound healing (cuts, scrapes, etc.), dry mouth, dry or itchy skin, tingling in feet or heels, erectile dysfunction, recurrent infections.

Fructose, or sugar from fruit, is the other half of sucrose and is metabolized by the liver to create glucose. The more fructose you consume the more work your liver must do. Sucrose is about half fructose and half glucose. High fructose corn syrup is a little more than half fructose and the rest glucose. Now you might be thinking “Sucrose doesn’t seem so bad if it is made up of two natural sugars that ultimately break down in to energy for our cells to use (glucose)”. Well, there are some overlooked factors in that statement. Fruit, which contains fructose, is made up of fiber. These fibers, also, are used to trigger your brain to send the “I’m full” signal. The problem is that sucrose is processed from a naturally fibrous stalk and plant, sugar cane and sugar beets, respectively. Once stripped of these fibers, the sucrose looses its “turn off signal”, thus creating a false feed back system to your brain. That is why you can drink an almost endless amount of soda. There is nothing sending the “I have had enough sugar, please stop consuming it!” signal. So lets do a little comparison here of sugars in general (fructose, sucrose, and glucose):

Growing up I had the blessing to see a family owned cabin in Munds Park which is located just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. We might visit our cabin 5-7 times year after year if we have the chance. We have very fond memories within the cabin but when my parents decided to sell about 6 yrs ago I immediately began searching for a cabin of my very own. I needed to provide my kids with similar opportunities to make memories with a family cabin because l had. We started seeking a cabin or land in order to develop June 2006. We quickly found some land in Pinetop-lakeside Arizona which is in the white mountains and approximately 3 hours from the Phoenix area. It was a modest 8,000 sq. ft. lot but we loved how close it was to the movie theater, restaurants, ski resort, lakes, and more. We decided against building a site built home and placed a new manufactured home on the lot which we were able to complete by November 2006.

We figured we might use the cabin a number of years and could market it for a profit in the future (yes, this was all through the real estate boom so you can imagine just how much underwater We are). I can’t describe the joy we had during our first journey with the children to check out our new cabin. We had a lot of fun our first time together, the youngsters and ourselves couldn’t wait to come back. We took the 3 hr journey to our cabin as many breaks as possible. After realizing we couldn’t sell the cabin, much less give it away, we had a problem on our hands. We were able to scrape together enough money to pay cash for the cabin. What we didn’t realize is how expensive a cabin without any mortgage would be. Whether a cabin is paid off or otherwise you have still got to pay for property tax, property insurance, basic utilities, frozen pipes, re-staining the porch and several other expenses. We didn’t have a need to be out of pocket on a cabin we just visited 5 times each year therefore we quickly jumped on the web to identify a method to rent our cabin. This is when we met many of the vacation rental websites services on the internet today. What really sold us about many of the vacation rental websites was the simple fact there was a few of our friends who swore by it. We paid an initial $299 yearly fee and off we were praying to rent our cabin. Over the years and months we certainly have had positive results therefore we have the ability to bring in roughly $8,000-10,000 per year. Some might think how wonderful it might be to bring in this type of money. We thought the same until we realized there seemed to be no money left over at the end of the year.

Don’t misunderstand me, we’re very grateful to obtain the cash as it helps us break even each year rather than being out of pocket. It is amazing how expensive it was to rent our cabin. If you think about it though, the more you rent the cabin the more utilities costs as well as more deterioration occurs. Hiding within the shadows were all the other negative elements of renting our cabin which I soon stumbled upon and have never managed to chase away. After owning our cabin since 2006 we’ve ultimately come to a conclusion we’d rather be renters of any vacation rental property as opposed to owners. I’m sure lots of you’ve have a different view, which I would like to hear, but for our little growing family of 6 it is just far too much to manage. Mentioned below are some pros and cons of being a vacation rental owner we’ve experienced. Purchasing a house has never been something we ought to do on impulse so take some time, study your options, review your finances and interview anyone you can find regarding their experience. Listed here is a quick benefits and drawbacks of owning a vacation rental property.