The Black Diamond Necklace Exudes Seduction, Romance, and Elegance

In today’s world of fashion design, fine jewelry, bling and ever expanding wardrobes, the quite yet alluring Black diamond necklace is making a statement. The first four words that come to mind are seductive, romantic, elegant and charming. It is quite interesting to note that although snap clip wholesale black diamonds have the same strength and qualities as any other diamond; nonetheless, they are way more expensive than their counterparts. This price disparity has been attributed to its rarity and seductive qualities! There is one exception that you should note about this amazing gem, unlike other natural gemstones, it is completely opaque!

These rare stones are mainly found in Brazil; consequently, black diamond necklaces are also cut and manufactured widely in Brazil. Scientists and gemologists say the history behind these beauties started around 3.5 billion years ago at the center of the Earth. As most diamonds, they are brought closer to the surface of the earth due to cataclysmic events such as volcanic eruptions and are formed due to the pressure and the intense heat in the center of the earth. History aside, one thing is for sure, these gemstones are held in high regard by people who appreciate natural beauty and fine jewelry.

Black diamond necklaces are commonly made from Titanium as this particular metal compliments this captivating gemstone the most. Prior to the actual cutting of the stone, a jewelry designer has to use his experience and the latest jewelry design software to determine how to display it in the best way possible.

One combination that gets rave reviews is surrounding a black diamond with a compilation of traditional white diamonds. This layout works beautifully with rings, pendants bracelets and necklaces. The contrast between the two gemstones bespeaks of elegance, high society and royalty. That’s probably the reason so many clamor for this glamour. No pun intended!

Of course, it goes without saying that these opaque gemstones will not sparkle or be as brilliant as the traditional Brilliant Cut Diamonds, but then again, they weren’t born to! Their beauty is intricately woven into their uniqueness, scarcity and their effervescent alluring charm. It is that scarcity and the seductive quality that compels, inspires and ignites individuals to choose black diamond necklaces and other fine jewelry cut from these why almost elusive gemstones.