An Open Window Policy – Eyelid Surgery Can Keep your Outlook Bright

In the blink of an eye, that’s how they say time moves. Blink. Blink. There it goes, again and again and again. And if the blinking of your eye measures the passage of time, it’s no wonder if your eyes show the passage of time more than the rest of your body. For some of us, all the work we do to maintain a youthful appearance through exercise and diet and the general care and maintenance of our bodies is betrayed by the seemingly inevitable changes that take place around our eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul contour rx lid review. They are where people look to see if we love them, or if they can trust us. In folklore, anime, and velvet paintings, wide eyes are the symbol of youth. If we want to look young, both to others and to ourselves in the mirror, the eyes are the place to start.

If you’ve done your research and chosen a reputable doctor who specializes in oculofacial plastic surgery, chances are you will achieve satisfying results. While it is accurate that you needn’t fear surgery performed by a top-rated practitioner, it is also true that sometimes there are complications, and if you are the unlucky one experiencing complications, you need help soon.

The best doctors know not only how to give you great surgery results – they also know how to correct complications should they arise. Occasionally complications may arise from surgery, which require correction beyond the skill of the original surgeon, or the doctor-patient relationship may break down, and this is when you need to seek a second opinion. Fortunately, these circumstances are unusual.

The eyes are the most important part of your face which is why people have this kind of surgery. Your eyes can tell mood, your personality and your age. Sagging eyelids and bags can make you feel old and unattractive, they can have a big effect on your self-esteem and your confidence. The eye area deteriorates quicker than any other part of your face. Ageing, gravity, sun damage and muscle weakening all have an effect on your eyes.

By undergoing eyelid surgery, you can correct these problems, but it isn’t cheap. Before you even decide to have the operation you have to pay for the consultant. Finding a good, capable surgeon can be difficult, especially if you live in a small town.

The eyelid surgery isn’t always successful and sometimes it doesn’t live up to what the patients think it will. People get high hopes when undergoing cosmetic surgery and are often left disappointed afterwards.

If you see sagging hooded eyelids in the mirror and thinking how old and tired they make you look, you may want to consider a brow lift or a blepharoplasty, aka eyelid lift. Either procedure can help correct the problem, but one may be better for your situation.

During the consultation, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your eyelids and the position of your eyebrows to determine whether you need brow lift, blepharoplasty or both.

If there is considerable drooping of the forehead and the eyebrows have fallen from their natural position, this causes sagging of the upper eyelids as well. Endoscopic brow lift is a great advance in the procedure which means smaller incisions.

Inserting tiny cameras into the incision site, the surgeon can see the treatment area without having to make a larger cut. Now, pulling up the skin of the forehead also raises the eyebrows and, to some extent, sagging upper eyelids.

However, if there is considerable sagging and a lot of excess upper eyelid skin, blepharoplasty is necessary. If the eyebrows are not drooping, you can forego lifting the forehead. With the upper eyelid lift, the surgeon makes an incision along the crease. He pulls the skin tight and removes the excess. To enhance the look, he can place stitches under the tail of the eyebrow to lift it very subtly.

Quite often, both procedures are necessary for the very best results. When your brow is sagging, your eyebrows have dropped and you have severe hooding of the upper eyelid, a combination procedure will take care of all of these issues. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will evaluate the entire area and make his suggestions.