How to Make Money Online Without a Website, Webpage, Or Hosting

Do you believe a website, web-page or hosting is necessary to start making money on the internet? Well this article will shatter that belief. You are about to learn a simple four-step method that will put you on your way to making money online.

Before we begin discussing the steps, I want to point out that many individuals have become millionaires using this direct linking technique. After the initial setup, the key becomes promotion strategies which will generate traffic to your offer. So making money online is more than possible, it can become a reality.

This is the most important step. It’s a must to get paid. Go to ClickBank.Com and step-up a payment account. Follow the instructions and fill-out the information registering as an affiliate. Here, pay close attention to the “ClickBank Nick-Name”. This is what ClickBank will use to pay GoDaddy email loginyou for the digital products you sell and separate you from other affiliates marketing the same product. After you register, ClickBank will send you an email explaining in detail how the system works.

To keep this simple, ClickBank uses a proprietary algorithm to show which products have the highest conversion rates and is denoted by the word “grav” or gravity. Each product in the ClickBank Marketplace is classified into nine categories. Select a category that you may have a knowledge and/or interest. Since you are beginning, be smart and choose a digital product with a high “grav”. View the “Pitch Page” and create a ClickBank link. Write down your link, you will need it in the next step.

Now that you have selected a digital product and viewed the “Pitch Page”, you must create and register a domain name that will be used for domain forwarding to your ClickBank hop-link, also none as direct link. The domain name you choose can be related to or mutually-exclusive to the URL for the “Pitch Page”. For example: XXXX.COM can become XXXXx.COM or XXXX.COM to zzzzwwww.COM. If you don’t register a domain name your only option is to use your ClickBank link in your promotion to forward leads to the product’s “Pitch Page”. Using the link saves you $10.00 in domain registration fees, but it is uninviting and will be unfamiliar to most of your leads.

You can use GoDaddy.Com to register the domain or any other domain registering site which has domain forwarding capabilities. If you use GoDaddy follow the prompts to create and register your new domain name. GoDaddy will not allow you to register an existing domain name, so it may take a couple of attempts before you come up with something unique. Follow the prompts and go through the check-out process. Next, log into your account and go to the “Domain Manager” for the domain name you have registered. Select, “Forward” and enable forwarding, then put the ClickBank link in the space provided and click “Ok”. The process is complete, now every time a lead clicks your domain name they are forwarded transparently to your ClickBank link. GoDaddy will also forward a confirmation email with additional instructions on how to use the system.

Step – 4 Promoting the Publisher’s Product

Now all the preliminary work has been completed and you now have to promote the publisher’s product. By this I mean driving leads to your registered domain name. There are a number free ways to promote the products and probably 100 times as many paid ways. Here is just a few which want cost you anything: (1) free classifieds, (2) blog sites, (3) press release sites, (4) online groups, (5) Youtube, (6) MySpace, and (7) Facebook. Don’t reinvent the wheel, simply look at the ways others are using to promote their products and be creative in developing your promotional strategy.