Garfield and Scooby Doo Games

Children love cartoons. After some of them, movie directors created movies with real actors, which had the same success as the cartoons. Because of that things went farther than that and there were created computer games with the same characters. Two examples are Garfield and Scooby Doo productions. These seem to be children’s favorite heroes. Beside they are very funny they can also do incredible things.

Who doesn’t want a cat like Garfield or an incredible dog like Scooby. You can find all kinds of games with these two characters. These games are appropriate for children of any age F95zone. They can be funny and educative as well. Choosing for your child these games you will avoid getting him in contact with any type of violence. In the next rows you will find the names of a few games your kid can play online. Before that it must be mentioned, that he can develop important skills during his playing activity, like memory skills, attention and many others as well. Some of the most popular games are Scooby Doo memory challenge, Big Air Snow Show, Defend your berry bones, Creepy Castle, Temple of lost souls and many other games games where you can hunt ghosts and discover mystic things along with Scooby.

When it comes about Garfield games you can go for Garfield memory game, Garfield ping pong, Garfield comic creator, Garfield air hockey and others as well. As you can imagine, these games can be played by very small children. All you have to do is to open your computer and search your child’s favorite arcade phase games. He will spend quality time in front of it and he will enjoy very much. These games can be played by both boys and girls.