Flash Games Vs Full Production Games

Let’s talk about free online games – something people pay too little attention to. It’s true that most of these free games don’t have the same quality of graphics or game play level of the full version or downloadable games. But many of these entertaining free games still have an addictive quality to them and they are fun to play. Originality can still be found with many of them as well.

I still feel that free flash games will never reach the graphics or game play level of downloadable games. These games will probably never reach the level of play that you could do with a game like Half-Life 2, where you can pretty much do anything and life imitates the real world around you. But who knows what’s to come in the next decade? Maybe flash titles will catch up?

Another shortfall with flash games vs. full production F95zone games is voice acting. There is that odd game out there with great voice acting, but they are hard to find. There is really only one feature where flash game developers and costly full production games are on the same playing field: Plot. Many games that are costly have hundreds of staff members working on them. Simple independent games can have the same quality plots without the cost.

Many of these budget games have creative, great quality plots. This is probably because the person creating the flash game doesn’t worry about complex things like “What plot should I create for a hunting game?” or “Will I offend anyone with this plot?” With flash games, the developer just has to reach into their creative world and develop a plot that can be as crazy as they are themselves. The plot can be scary, funny, or just plain different. Creativity can be a wonderful thing – think about how many cartoons, TV shows, and games have been developed by being incredibly creative?

So think about this dear reader – what is your favourite flash game? How about your favourite fantasy world? Or your favourite heroes, villains, characters? What about your favourite theme? Is it nasty medieval Dragons vs. Humans, or scary Aliens vs. Humans? Maybe it’s two separate races fighting for control of the humans?