How to Collect Celebrity Autographs

At some point or the other in our lives we all have chased celebrities and craved for their photographs, autographs and any other memorabilia we could get our hands on. Auctions are held to sell memorabilia or clothing from a celebrity’s collection. Celebrities really means anyone who’s famous, like film stars or sports stars or pop singers, national or international leaders and anyone else who has notoriety. Today even the winner of American Idol television show is a celebrity and all the other reality show contestants create their own celebrities. Not too long ago celebrities meant people whose claim to fame was not just a 15-20 minutes stint on the television. People didn’t become famous just because they won the top prize in shows like, “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”-celebrities claim to fame was dependent on their performance on stage or off it.

In the fifties, sixties and the seventies, the number of celebrities was limited to film stars and some other successful people like pop singers or politicians. Collecting celebrity autographs was also a part of the simple life that people led in those days (think pre-internet). Children and adults followed celebrities with the same fervor and their rare appearances in public were eagerly awaited. People would collect celebrity autographs when any famous personality visited their area either to inaugurate a club or shop or perform in a function.

Today one can obtain celebrity autographs by a variety Kelly Stables of means, you can by them at an auction or buy products that are endorsed by them or endorsed with their signatures.

You could even create a collection of celebrity autographs by systematically collecting them. You could make a collection that is worth showing to people and better still if you have a story to tell as to how you obtained it.
There is another way of collecting celebrity autographs and that requires some patience and lots of hard work. First of all you have to know the celebrity’s address whose autograph you want. For this either use some magazines or search the internet for celebrity addresses. There are some books and magazines sold that specifically list celebrity addresses or fan mail addresses.

Now write a letter to your favorite celebrity mentioning how much you admire their work and also mention a film or any other thing where they performed well, what you liked about it and how that left an imprint on your memory and influenced your life.

You can also tell them how much you or your spouse or your kid love their work and how you would love a photograph with an authentic signature. Make sure to mention the word “authentic” or you may get a stamped photograph or the secretary may sign on behalf of the celebrity. Avoid writing a long letter as stars are busy people and they do not have time to read a long letter.

Also, avoid gushing about how much you admire them or how crazily you follow them as they might consider you an obsessed fan and your letter may either not be read or simply thrown away. Lastly, wait patiently as some celebrities may reply immediately while others maybe busy with a shoot or a match and may not have the time to reply.