Free or Paid Games: A Comparison

There are so many portals that make games available for free, that the idea of paying for an online game doesn’t appeal to many. Virtually each title is available for free playing, even if the quality doesn’t quite match that of actual console gaming or PC gaming. There are, however, portals where next to no games are available to play for free, as those are more sophisticated and graphics-heavy games and the portals demand money from you in exchange for the facility they provide you online. This may be a subscription, registration fee or something similar that you need to pay before accessing a particular website’s entire database of games. In case you’re faced with a predicament of whether or not to venture into the world of paid online gaming, read on.

The decision will ultimately depend on your own use of online F95ZONE games. If you’re addicted to online gaming and would like to spend more time playing newer, more advanced games online, then you may as well go ahead and buy a subscription for the best portal out there. But on the other hand, if you spend only your free time playing games during work or study, and the duration is limited, it is best if you stick to free games instead of taking out the extra cash (economic recession, anyone?).

In addition to the above mentioned basic difference between the two groups of online gamers, there are people who, even while playing during office or study hours, want advanced graphics and sophistication of the console in their online games. In case you belong to this group of online gamers, you may as well be compelled to take out cash for a subscription. For instance, some fantasy game that sets up an elaborate, virtual world and needs you to play as a character, make strategic decisions and interact with players from around the world, probably won’t be available online for free. Even if it can be played online, a subscription would be a prerequisite. Once you do whip out your credit card however, the experience of course will be well beyond the level of basic, free, Flash-based games.

If you’re one of those people who have nothing to do with such strategic games and prefer playing only simple puzzle, card or 2D racing games, then all your choices will be covered on free web gaming portals. You probably won’t need to buy any subscription to access the millions of titles available online which, being basic, are absolutely free of charge. However, more elaborate games, even in this basic genre, will probably be available after you pay a certain fee; the games that would be more professional and appealing, that is: for instance, online poker games that require you to buy tokens or coins to make the experience a whole lot more realistic and reminiscent of an LA Casino.

The average user starts from free games, regardless of whether they’ll move on to paid games or not. Some are contented with those, while others who soon become dissatisfied by the basic games, choose to pay their way forward and indulge into more exciting, and more graphic ones.