Daily Horoscope – How Accurate is it?

Reading their daily horoscope has become quite a ritual for a lot of people. It’s just plain fun! Some people take what their horoscope says with a grain of salt, while others take it quite seriously. I’ve known people who wouldn’t make a major decision without checking out their daily tuvisomenh horoscope first. But in the grand scheme of things, is a generic, off-the-rack type of horoscope really accurate?

Can a few short lines in a magazine or newspaper really give you any relevant information regarding your particular life and circumstances? In order to adequately answer these questions, I think it’s necessary to take a look at the variables involved. When an astrologer does a full-blown reading for someone, several factors are taken into consideration. But with a daily horoscope, not all of these factors are present. A professional astrologer will begin with your date of birth. From your date of birth they can determine the exact position of the celestial bodies on the day you were born. To be even more specific, your exact time of birth must also be provided.

Next, where in the world were you born? What country, state and city were you born in? Ideally, providing the astrologer with the exact latitude and longitude of your birth place would be optimum. In years past this would have been quite a task, but with today’s GPS capabilities it can be determined easily. The astrologer will then take this information and build a chart around it. Now things are getting interesting. They will then be able to develop an astrological picture of you and how you fit into the big cosmic picture. They can determine things like your personality type, strengths, weaknesses, intelligence and much more. The important thing for people to understand is that although a horoscope can give you a ton of general information, it’s not designed to give you specific answers.

Rather, it will provide you with options. It can tell you what’s “likely” to happen if you make a certain choice, not which choice to make. So in light of all the information needed for a complete horoscope, a mere daily horoscope constitutes little more than a snap shot of a much bigger picture. It’s only based on your astrological sign which covers a broad time period of about 30 days. Since there are 720 hours in 30 days, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get any truly accurate astrological information from just knowing what sign you were born under.

But, if it’s general information you’re looking for, a daily horoscope may be fine. Either way, they’re still a lot of fun to read and certainly can’t do any harm. I would however encourage everyone interested in astrology to get a least one professional horoscope in their lifetime. It can be quite an enlightening experience and reveal traits that maybe you didn’t even know you have! Enjoy!