Fishing – Love it Or Hate It – How to Fish and Enjoy it Too

Fishing is one of America’s great outdoor activities that men would teach their children, but these days more and more women are getting into it too, it’s a great thing. Children love to learn, it’s part of growing up, so like the old saying (you can give a kid a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a kid to fish and he will eat forever) so it’s important that the parents know how to teach their kids.

When people think about fishing they often think, this is so gross, slimy worms, all the bugs this is no fun at all, but if you think in a positive way you don’t need to use worms you can use lures or other types of bait, also they make all kinds of bug sprays so there is always an upside to almost everything. The best advice is to just give it a chance and think positive you may surprise yourself.

Fishing is a great way to get the family together, these days we do not spend enough quality time with our kids, but if you take them out chances are they will probably enjoy it. Kids these days spend way to much time indoors watching tv, playing video games they need to get outside in nature and see what is going on out there.

How much food is enough for a Siamese Fighting Fish? The answer is how much they want to eat within several minutes. Like humans, Siamese Fighting Fish have days when they won’t eat much and other days when they will eat like pigs. They will eat more of their favourite food such as blackworms and mosquitoes larvae and less of some manufactured foods depending on your Siamese Fighting Fish. You may even find that they will turn their noses up at some food. So instead of dropping food in the tank and racing off to do other jobs, when feeding you Siamese Fighting Fish it is a good idea to keep placing small amounts of food into the tank until your fighter has stopped eating. Any uneaten food should be removed so not to pollute the water.

Food should be rotated between freeze dried, pellet, frozen and live. A variety of food will ensure that your Siamese Fighting Fish is receiving all the nutrition that it requires. Freeze dried foods include blood worm, brine shrimp, blackworm and Tubifex. A variety of pellet and flake food are available on the market at present, just check the protein content in the brand. You are wanting a brand that has around 45% protein in their product. Frozen food such as blood worm, brine shrimp and mysis shrimp can be purchased from most Local Pet Shop and stored in your freezer. It is also a good idea to give your fighter one day a week without food. This day without food helps to clear it’s digestive system. A green pea with the shell removed and squashed will also help clean a fighter’s digestive system. If given after their day of starvation, you will have a better chance of your Siamese Fighting Fish eating it. Live food such as blackworms should be fed only two to three times a week, unless you are conditioning a pair for spawning. Live Blackworms can be stored in a container with fresh water in the bottom of your fridge. Change the water daily and feed a small amount of pellet or flake food twice a week. Blackworms also like banana skins as food.

A Siamese Fighting Fish will survive being fed only once a day, which means that the water will not be polluted as quickly. Although if they were given the choice, you would be feeding them three times a day. Which to condition a pair for breeding/spawning is recommended. If feeding once daily, do ensure that what you are feeding them is good quality. Having shipped and received Siamese Fighting Fish, from some 2000km away, they will survive without any harm for four days without food. So if you are going away for the weekend, your fighter will come to no harm because he has not been fed. He may act like he is starving but it will not hurt him at all. Just make sure that he cannot jump out of the tank if he see anything that may look like food.