Email Marketing – Permission and Forgiveness

Email marketing can be very tricky. If you inundate people with too much Email, they may get really angry with you and report you as a spammer. On the other hand Email1and1, you want to send effective and valuable Emails that elicit the type of response that you are hoping for.

The importance of your Email campaign
As a business owner, your Email campaign is often critical to your success. There are many different ways in which you reach your target audience and Emails are one of the important approaches. When it comes to Email recipients to whom you have never sent Email in the past, you may wish to proceed carefully. If you have not obtained permission from the recipient, you need to do that before you send any Email to that person. If you wish to

cultivate a relationship with that particular person, you should go about it the right way. Start to interact with that person (hopefully with a combination of online and in-person interactions) and when enough interactions have occurred and enough time has gone by, then you can ask permission to include that person in your Email campaign. If you have already committed the offense, however, you will need to get back into the person’s good graces in some way.

Never merely collect Email addresses
If you attend a networking meeting and your sole purpose is to collect Email addresses (or business cards), don’t do it. Without the relationship behind it, your having met that particular person is not worth much. As you are probably aware, you will never succeed in business if you haven’t developed relationships with your clients and prospective clients. In any business that is owned by any person and any type of business, the client will not be willing to buy anything if there is no trust between the buyer and the seller. The only way to build trust, of course, is by developing and nurturing the relationship between the two of them. In order for a relationship (any relationship) to succeed, it takes trust, credibility, and respect.