Find New Clients For A Joint Venture Partner With Classified Ads

Finding new clients that can take advantage of an offering from a new joint venture partner can sometimes be a challenge. Posting ads on classifieds sites like Craigslist backpage alternatives and can be a successful marketing strategy. It’s always critical to help drive immediate business for a new partner to demonstrate a commitment to the partnership. Classified ads can be an excellent source of new clients to refer over to a partner.

There are specific strategies required to implement in order to have a successful classifieds marketing strategy. Work with a designer to create attractive ads. For certain products and services it’s advisable to create specific landing pages to help educate the market. It’s recommended you create tracking mechanisms to ensure that data can be provided to the partner to show numbers of impressions and sales that result from classified ad campaigns to evaluate whether it is an appropriate channel for marketing the partners’ products and services.

Create a Killer Advertisement and Title

Working with a graphic designer to develop an eye catching ad is the most critical aspect of a classified ad campaign for attracting new clients. It’s always recommended that you use images in the ad, as this will capture the attention of anyone that clicks on the ad. If the person clicking the ad does not become instantly connected through the images then they will most likely continue searching and not even read the words on your advertisement.

A header that captures the reader’s attention and makes them ask a question that is then answered in the bullet points below is a proven strategy to drive click-throughs to learn more from your website. The goal of a classified ad should not be to fully educate the market about the product or service, but get them interested in learning more to lead them to the landing page that has been created. Include in any online advertisement the contact information that’s required to not only learn more information through the web in the form of a link but also a phone number or email address to get in touch directly with a sales representative.

A Landing Page to Sell

Create a landing page that has additional information for the potential new client to read through if they’re interested in the product. A landing page can be a main website but generally for a joint venture marketing relationship it is best if a special landing page is created so it’s easier to generate analytic reports to provide to a partner, demonstrating the effectiveness of the marketing activities. Aside from core information required to learn about the product or service a contact form should be an important part of any landing page. The leads that are generated from a landing page can then be pursued in several different ways from a sales rep making a phone call to sending additional product brochures or promotions through email or physical mail.

Set a VOIP Phone Number for Each Campaign

Using a VOIP phone service from a company like 8×8 allows a business to set up different phone lines for each marketing campaign so it is easy to track phone calls that come through classified ad campaigns. VOIP phone lines are relatively cheap and it’s easy to associate a specific number for ads that go on Craigslist, Backpages or for any other number of classified sites.