eNewsletter Vs Blog – Who is the Winner of This Social Media Battle?

You may have been invited to an enews presentation at a resort location, a presentation with the promise of learning how to grow your business through email marketing. Then you hear about the virtues of blogs. Does all the hype have you wondering which to choose or if you need to hunker down in the fox hole and wage a marketing war by using both a blog and enewsletter?

E-newsletters can be forwarded by readers to their interested friends which certainly helps spread your message http://oursminiworld.com/. Blogs can be read online by anyone who finds your blog as well as reaching your faithful blog subscribers.

Unfortunately not all businesses understand the power of having their news articles online, so they miss this opportunity to reach more readers. Blogs are easier to share online and stretch the reach of their message through posting them to Digg.com and other sites.

E-newsletters offer only email delivery. Blogs are more versatile-offering delivery to “readers” which most people have as part of services they already use like iGoogle, Yahoo, AOL. Bloggers can still tap into an audience of email readers with services like Feedburner which offers blog updates via email. Does this work? YES! One of my own blogs is a genealogy website where the overwhelming majority of subscribers are retirees who don’t use readers (they don’t even know what they are), yet they use email and have no problem getting email delivery.

While I’m a believer in “Permission Marketing” (sending out promotional information only to those who request it), an advantage of contact management through e-newsletters is that you can add email addresses to your marketing list as well as offering a sign up box on your website. Blogs only deliver on request, slightly annoying, but less annoying than being thought of as a spammer.