Is It a Good Time to Go to University During a Financial Downturn?

When you turn on the TV all the news programmes talk about gloom and doom in the world economy; low growth in the Euro-zone, market uncertainty, countries adversely bằng đại học affected by world markets and financial traders. We saw what happened during the banking crisis of 2008 which was triggered by the collapse of the mortgage market in USA and every major trading nation in the world went on to experience a recession or a period of low growth.

At the moment the governments in some Euro zone countries have large debts caused by years of overspending and on top of this are currently paying high rates to borrow money. This makes their situation increasingly fragile and most commentators predict that there is a real possibly that we will see a collapse in the Euro-zone which will affect us all.

A collapse in the Euro-zone and subsequent recession and low growth will make it harder for school leavers to get jobs due to reduced jobs opportunities and an increase in the number of people looking for work due to higher unemployment numbers.

So is Education the Answer?

Most degrees take between 3-4 years to complete so going to university over this period could be a good option as most economists predict that the world’s economy will be in still be experiencing limited growth and possibly recession over the next one to three years. This environment makes it more difficult for companies to prosper and expand. On a brighter note the world’s economies will grow stronger and companies will experience a time of growth and therefore will be recruiting in large numbers again. Therefore, going to university and increasing your potential of getting a well paid job is a sensible option when the job market is predicted to be very competitive.

Choosing the Right University

You also need to be clever about choosing the right university and degree course, as you need to make the most of you time in university to gain the skill that differentiate you from the competition. Choose a well respected university with an applied degree (engineering, law, medicine, teaching…) will make it easier for you to find a job when you finally leave university.

Being Smart in University

Lots of people will also be going to university over the next few years so you need to make the most of your time in university to build a convincing CV for when the time comes for you to find a job. Consider joining societies and clubs in the students’ union. Also look for part-time work and summer jobs as it will not only help you to support your time at university but it will also develop your future employability. Some people even go travelling after they have completed their degrees as this builds on their experiences of the world which can’t be a bad thing to talk about during job interview. I think that one of the best things that you can do during your studies is to find a degree course that supports internships as you can evaluate future jobs and employers during the security of your university degree.