How to access KickAss Torrents (KAT) – Weekly Post

It’s never easy to share big files with others. You might have a video or audio that you want to share with your website viewers, family members, fellow bloggers, or whomever. Traditionally the approach is to upload the large set of files to a server that you are renting. There are only so many connections that can be made to that server and all the bandwidth if you go over the limit comes out of your pocket. While this approach works, there are better options.

One of these options is to use the larger file sharing sites. There are quite a few that offer the ability to host very large files for you. The people who come and download them either have to see a few ads or have a registered account with these services The download speeds are about the same as the user would get on your server, but you don’t have to worry about bandwidth costs or limitations. This is a very cheap option and is fairly reliable. As long as the file is not under copyright, it will be something you can rely on for sharing files.

The second way of distributing large files is by creating your own torrent. A torrent will divide up the large file into pieces and gradually share it on multiple computers thehiltonian. The advantage of this approach is that there is almost an unlimited number of connections for these files. No bandwidth costs or ads happen with this method. Before wondering about the legality of torrents, it’s legal to use torrents for legal purposes just like it’s legal to use hosting for legal purposes. The only downside of this is that if your users don’t really know how to use a torrent client on their own.

Either of these approaches will help you not overload your server and get your large files out to your audience. By using these ideas you will be able to get your big files to the people who should get them.

Due to immense potential in open source Google OS there is are bunch of applications releasing everyday. It is difficult to chose best android apps from this repository. August month was a very productive month in terms of Android apps as many popular developers has released different applications. Below is the ultimate list of best android apps based on my own experience. Remember it is hard to present the list of best apps of android as it depends on individual as well as the functionality this applications has to offer.

#1 Torrents client for Android: Transdroid apps allows you to easily manage and torrents on your Android phones. You can also download torrents remotely. Torrents are popular among people to download latest songs, music, applications etc. Transdroid app for android can manage torrents via RSS, URLs. This is one of the best Android app for August 2010.

#2 Universal 1-click root: Universal 1 click root let you root android smartphone with few simple clicks. Rooting your android smartphone is extremely important as it offers you dozens of untapped functionalities. Moreover you can also try different android apps that are not specifically made for your android phones. Universal one click root android app gives you root access to dozens of Android phone.