How to Create A Brand Story That Sells

A compelling brand story is the most powerful client attraction and enrollment tool there is, and a sadly underused branding method. People love good stories they can relate to and feel intrigued and inspired by, so strategic storytelling is a highly effective shortcut to rocking the know, like and trust factor, and skyrocketing your brand to star status with an abundance of raving fans eager to work or partner up with you.

There are four key elements that all memorable brand stories that sell have in common.

White hot truth
A successful brand story tells the truth about your brand and what your brand stands for in a deliciously enticing way, so that people feel instantaneously magnetized to your message and the movement you’re creating with your business. This is about sharing the big idea that’s fueling your brand with the world, as well as answering a myriad of “why” questions to give your audience the opportunity to fully understand what your brand is all about, like: Why have you chosen to build the brand you’ve built? Why does your brand support the causes it supports, and disassociate itself from certain actions and behaviors you witness in your industry? What makes your solution to your clientele’s problem stand out? Why are you able to meet your ideal clients’ needs, desires and expectations better than anyone else 홈타이?

Strong emotional charge
To be truly effective, your brand story needs to evoke an emotional response in your ideal prospects. Remember, we make investment decisions emotionally, and then we justify them rationally. So, make sure your story has a suspenseful “before and after” structure to it which could involve you or someone else experiencing a profound transformation resulting in a leap from pain to paradise because of your expertise, product or service. Keeping the audience engaged and interested in your story while showing some vulnerability is a winning formula for crafting stories that people will resonate and identify with. The “superhero(ine)” approach isn’t nearly as impressive.

Irresistible hook
Your audience is eager to discover what’s in it for them; why should they invest they time and energy into learning more about your brand and the solutions you provide. If you want to win them over, tell them why they should care. What is your brand promise? How will their life and/or business change if they get involved in your brand movement? Anytime you communicate your brand story keep in mind it’s all about your (potential) clients, so put the spotlight on them – make it about them, their aspirations, their success, their dreams. Show them that you care, and they will too.

Clear call to action
To serve more people and make more money, there is another crucial component to incorporate into your brand story; it’s a supportive, confident, and inspiring call to action. Think about what you want your ideal prospects to do once they hear or read your story. Do you want them to sign up for a free gift, so you can continue the conversation? Do you want them to call or email you and schedule an appointment? Do you want them to tell their friends about your brand by using an instant message option within opt-in sequence, in exchange for an unannounced bonus? Whatever it is, make the call to action clear, specific and timely, so that it incentivizes people to take the next step immediately.