Effective Use Of Promo Novelty Items

Promo novelty items are an amazing tool with which to market a brand and claim new customers. It’s important to recognize, however, that such items are just that, a tool, and like any tool, one needs to apply them effectively and efficiently in order to maximize the long-term value. In order to do that, a business has to have a plan. If you simply slap a business name on a pencil side, it won’t work long term.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are particularly prone to two common mistakes when it comes to promo novelty items: the notion that a business is too small for unique novelty gifts, and ineffective use of a limited budget. No business is too small, and no budget is too small. The smaller the business and the smaller the budget, the harder the choices are, because there’s simply less room for error. Nevertheless, it’s actually the tiny business that has the most to gain from cost-effective use of promotional items as marketing vuori promo codes.

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Choosing a Vendor

A common mistake is treating the purchase of promo novelty items as a single purchase. In other endeavors, most companies strive to build vendor relationships. Through these relationships, the business gains benefits from the familiarity and possibly loyalty discounts. Take the same approach when buying promotional items. It may result in more discount novelty items, but more importantly, the vendor will be able to provide insight and help the company make better long-term choices.

Quality over Quantity

We’ve already mentioned that small businesses tend to make poor decisions regarding limited budgets for promo novelty items. The most common bad decision is that the purchaser tries to do as much as possible with the money available, and in their eyes, that means having more promotional novelty gifts. Of course, more is sometimes less. If you have the choice of 50 pencils or 10 stress balls, perhaps those stress balls are the better choice. Those pencils will be used up rather quickly, but those stress balls are going to be sitting on desks in offices for a long time to come.

Choose Items People Want

Likewise, choose promo novelty items that people actually want and will use. Personalized novelty pens are a traditional option because everybody uses them. But even better, choose something, if possible, that people will cherish. That reflects well on the brand, and it helps ensure that as many people as possible see the item and the branding. Recently, branded USB flash drives have become an extremely popular option. They certainly cost more than a pen, but it’s an item that people use every day, carry around with them, and cherish, because it stores their personal data.

Choose Items with Lasting Value

Another reason why USB flash drives make excellent promo novelty items is that they last. Flash drives can easily last ten years and even longer, and there’s a good chance that the technology will become outmoded long before the drive actually becomes unusable. Compare that to the long-term value of a personalized pen or pencil. Remember that these are novelty items for advertising, and the goal should be to get the maximum advertising value for the longest period possible.