Why You Need to Buy Domain Names For Your Children Soon

What better gift can you give your newborn or child than buying them their very own Domain name in their name. The Domain name can serve your child in the future in a couple of ways. For example if you develop the website even if only for photos, by the time they are 15 or so the Domain name will be seasoned with years of age and backlinks. Google likes those two factors when ranking websites and will boost the value for the name itself. So now your child owns appreciating internet real estate. It sometimes happens that folks get offers for a domain name shortly after buying it and turn a quick profit but that is called “Domaining” and a different subject entirely.

The other angle is that your little one could take a serious interest in learning internet skills relating to website design, store building and Ecommerce, search engine optimization web hosting Singapore, article writing, social networking, Marketing and even coding. It could just bring out the genius in your little one. So it is an investment in virtual real estate as well as a learning tool and gateway for your little Einstein. I bought every possible combination of my daughters name I could. I only bought in the.com extension because

they are the most valuable. You most likely will not find your Child’s first name alone, or if you do it will be expensive and considered a “Premium Domain Name.” So try your kids first and middle name, try the first and last and so on. If no.coms are available settle for a.net,.org,.biz, or.name. In that order. You may want to simply make it a photo album site with articles about Babies for example So find your Child’s name now, Even if your baby is still in the womb because it is projected in a couple of years 1/3 of the entire worlds population [10% growth per year] will be online with only so many names to go around.

If you want to do something really neat for your newborn or children buy them their own name in a.com. It is a great place to start when teaching your Child internet and business skills. It could be used to start an online business, or used as a family album and diary or be sold in the future to another company or individual with the same name. The simple fact is that names are going fast, so don’t waste time.