Baby Girl Scrapbook Page Layout

Celebrating a new baby girl is quite easy. But, how easy is it to document important moments in her life so that they’ll always be cherished? Well, by using awesome baby girl scrapbook page layouts, you’ll find that it’s rather simple. Give this a try.Smiling SunshineThe new child probably brings a smile to just about everyone’s face. Get as many shots of this as possible and turn it into a gorgeous page.

To organize this baby girl scrapbook page , you’ll need several supplies:

« cardstock in pink, white, orange, and yellow (one of these can be a pattern)

« double-sided adhesive

« bright pink letters that spell out “Smiling Sunshine”

« photos of her (at least 3)

« black acid-free pen

1. First, crop down the photos of the baby girl so that all unnecessary material is out of the photo and you’re left with an up-close shot.

2. Then, stick the photo on a colored sheet of cardstock (either white or yellow). 3. Trim around the cardstock, leaving about a quarter inch of paper showing behind the photo. 4. Then, glue this cardstock to an additional sheet of paper (either pink or orange).

5. Again trim around the second sheet of cardstock.

6. Once all of the photos are trimmed out, use the yellow paper to cut out a large sun. Use the acid-free pen to draw พริตตี้สาวสวย a smiling face on the sun.

7. Finally, glue the photos, sun and letters spelling out “Smiling Sunshine” onto the remaining colored paper (preferably patterned paper).

To alternate this layout idea, switch the sun for a set of footprints and the writing for “Happy Feet.” Then, follow these steps to arrange the items on the scrapbook page.

1. Use a patterned paper as a background. On top of this, place the footprints (one of each foot) on the bottom right hand side of the page. Adhere them so that they look like the baby just took a step.

2. Along the bottom of the page, place the letters for “Happy Feet” in a straight lane. If you’d rather have them in a playful way, alternate putting the letters in a zigzag pattern along the bottom.

3. Place the photos in a random pattern on the remainder of the page.