Send Text Messages Free – 5 Free SMS Sites Reviewed

Free text messaging sites have been around since before 2000.

In that time, some good (and some bad) free SMS services have come and gone! Thankfully, there are still hundreds of ways you can do free web SMS. But what follows is a short, up-to-date list of 5 recommended free SMS sites, reviewed.

Which mean you can now confidently send text messages free whether you live in USA, UK, India, Pakistan, or anywhere in the world!

So without further ado, here goes with my personal choice of great ways to ‘send text message from computer’, wherever you live in the world…

1. – USA

Many of the free text messaging sites in America, USA, work by allowing you to send e-mail to SMS. And I believe that’s how the popular works too. So this just means you need to know the mobile phone network of the person you’re sending your text message to.

You need to register to use, but this means you can receive replies online too. And you can also store your favourite contacts in an address book. Current limit on texts is 50 SMS per month. also works for other countries 문자사이트 in the world, too, it seems.

2. – UK

This is quite a new free SMS service, online in 2010 I think. It’s free for UK users only (but you can send cheap SMS to other parts of the world if you buy credits). This is an easy-to-use and fast way to send free SMS messages to UK (British) mobile phone users.

No registration is required to use this service.

Let’s hope sticks around because it’s easily one of the best, most reliable SMS sites out there right now.

3. 160By2 – India*

Sending text messages in India is very popular. Which means there are many, many free SMS text messaging sites and services that allow you to send free texts in India.

One of the best free text messaging services – and one that’s been around since 2007 – is You need to register, but it allows you to send several messages per day. There’s even a mobile app (application) that lets you send free SMS via your phone.

* Note: also works if you want to send free messages to Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia

4. LoOp – Pakistan

This simple-to-use site allows you to send free SMS to any Mobile network in Pakistan; i.e. to Warid, Ufone, Zong, Mobilink and Telenor. Text messages can be up to 130 characters in length only.

Simple as that, really. It does look to have been upgraded, recently, to allow people to send and receive free text messages even if you don’t live in Pakistan. This has not been tested at time of writing, though.