Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Low Profile Budget

A wedding is supposed to convey pomp and glamour. It needs to tell a story – a story of extravagance. But there could be limitations. If funds are limited the couple will have to cut down on certain types of expenses, do away with certain plans or get other services.

If you are short of funds, the first thing you will have to do away with your wedding planning is to avoid the services of certain professionals. You can forgo your wedding planner, the florist and the bride decorator. The money saved on these services would then be used on the other aspects of your wedding. But doing away with these services means you will now have to do many things on your own. Lets see how you can get things done on your own.

Your wedding plan must be in place before you do anything else. You will have to take note of how much you have bridal accessories and how much you can afford to spend on each item. You will have to see how many guests you can remove off your invitations without disrupting the event.

We now move to things you can save on.

You can print you own invitation. You will only need to visit the local book store to get your stationery. Buy white envelopes as they meet all themes of weddings and get your gloss paper. Many computer programs have invitation letter templates that you can use to design yours. If you want further ideas, you go online for more designs. A laser jet printer can give you equally nice prints. You will however need to be careful with the wording. They would have to reflect elegance and be appropriate for your wedding theme.

Once you are through with that, you move on to the reception site. Get a view of the place and ensure that it is situated close to the weeding hall so your guests will have it easy moving. Again, a closer site will ensure that there is less transportation of food and entertainment so you can cut down on the costs.


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