Sex, Love, Heat – Which Relationship Do You Have, Which Compass Do You Follow

We are not challenging any personal beliefs with this article. Just following nature’s trails. We do know there were what we will call Pre-Civilized folks normally referred to as Cave Men or Cave People.

So let’s take a Cave Man and a Cave Woman. We do not know what their sex habits were nor how they learned what to do. Perhaps they watched monkeys, who love sex, but how did a monkey know what to do? If it was watching other monkeys, who did it first? The first monkey, how did that happen? Were there Adam and Eve monkeys?

Do anteaters do it? They are loners. How do they know when and how? The other day it was discovered the ten foot giant lizard laid fertile eggs without a male. A true virgin birth literotica. The eggs hatched and now are growing up fatherless. Immaculate conceptions have happened before in the animal world of which we are certain. It certainly shows the male giant lizard has no sex drive and the lady lizard figured out how to go screw herself. Something we have been telling people to do for years.

A female bird is setting around doing nothing but nibbling and here comes the male of her specie and does a dance and shows off feathers and the next thing you know, they mate. Who told him to dance? Why did she let him do it to her only if he did dance? Who said it was time? Is that all the sex they will have? Was it fun?

It has been said by the learned that a human female is the only female that ever has a climax. You know years ago there were many non-human, human females. It was not proper to enjoy sex and by golly they did not. My grandfather will tell you. So there is a lot in the pot when it comes to analyzing procreation. How does the learned know that female animals do not have a climax? I can’t imagine a cow having one. Actually I can’t imagine any female animal having one, but now a male dog, that is different. He will have one on your leg.

I have heard of queer animals. Of course we know about people. Obviously they are out of sync with the world of procreation which is what nature does best. Then why are 10% of us queer? They cannot procreate?

It seems creatures are made to mate and die and mate and die with a modicum of spare time in between. The idea is to keep the circus rolling.

If bad stuff happens, like it did to dinosaurs then a new group of creatures are created over the eons of time. Did nature know something was going to happen to the dinosaurs? Does nature know we are someday going to crash into the sun? We will be inhabiting other planets by then. How will sex change by then? If there is no gravity you will need giant rubber bands holding you together to have sex.

We mentioned not too long ago it was thought not proper for a lady to enjoy sex. Poor Clark Gable learned that in GWTW. Now it seems all women enjoy sex and are as open to it as men. This is what is causing the confusion.

Men are still the same horny creatures they always were only women have made it a better world for their sex escapades. They used to wear a thing called panty-girdle. It took a team of horses to pull that thing down. But now it is a thong. Soon there will be a button to push and they will eject naked.

We are having a hard time differentiating between Love and Lust as the motivation for having sex. If you show a male dog a bitch dog in heat he will jerk your arms off to get to her. A man is only a step removed from that dog under the same circumstances. Even if he has just left his true love. Of course if he goes through with it he may feel terrible the next day, but he was under the control of testosterone and erectile tissue. Toss in a little booze and he is one horny toad.

For some there is nothing better than drinking beer in a favorite pub, smoking, telling stories and finding new males or females to take to the sack. For others there is the straight and narrow. Girl next door, proper engagement, church wedding and never turning your head left or right toward a sexual temptation. Then there are the fallen angels and fallen ministers.

Keep setting your compass. If you drift off course, set your compass again. Define your destiny and play the game that gets you to the style life you wish to follow. Although we love to preach bad from good regarding life style, who are the really good and how do they know? Maybe what we think is morally bad does not count against us at all. Of course we have teachings to tell us bad from good. Does anyone know how we do without teachings? We discovered a tribe in the rain forest, I think they were Tanzanians. Anyway they had never seen anyone but them, until a few years ago. They were well civilized I believe and had mates. That is something you can look up. I am sure we have been all over them and ruined them by now.