Techniques for Self Help Considered

Have you ever considered that you may not need a high priced coach or psychological guru to help you with your personal development and on-going self improvement? Have you ever thought to yourself that may be all you need is you, when it comes to self-help? Recently, I had a very interesting conversation with a top Motivational Guru, and yes you would recognize his name, apparently, due to our hobbies, it appears that we have a lot in common and travel in similar circles. This did not surprise me, as I have had dear friends mention his name many times the prior.

We talked a little bit about his favorite subject; The Secret to Success, and he does have several top selling books by titles similar to that. Indeed, I gave him my shortened version of the secret to success, which is:

1.) Work Hard

2.) Work Smart

3.) Make Lots of Friends

4.) Never Give Up

He agreed and then we talked about perseverance, commitment, dedication and strength of character, as you will have to possess these character traits to get there from where ever it is you chris hsu hedge fund currently are and depending on what you consider success to be. Now then, to help yourself, you need to determine what strengths you have and what you must work on in order to do those 4 things above. For instance, if you know you have to work hard, you must lay out a plan to do just that. This plan must utilize techniques to get you to a place where you can work hard.

To work smart means that you must possess more than just skill and talent, you must also have know-how and practical experience, so where are you going to get that? Making lots of friends is not so hard, but if you are an introvert you will have to develop techniques to open up dialogue with others. Never giving up or the power of perseverance is not an easy one, but one technique you can do to assist you with this, is to set your long-term goals into tiny bite size goals along the way, and reward yourself at each and every milestone. Think on this and then get back with me.