Realme 5 Pro Price and features

The best smartphone that was recently launched by Oxygen Media, the Realme 5 Pro is a powerful combination of a mobile phone and an image editing software. With the advanced image processing software, users can enhance, edit and share photos and videos. With the help of this high quality smartphone, one can accomplish multiple tasks easily. Users can also shoot videos with their family and friends and share it online to their followers.

Realme 5 Pro - Full Specification, price, review, comparison

The Realme 5 pro has similar specifications as the Oxygen Media Oxygen Plus, which comes with a 5.2-inch screen, Android OS 5.1. The screen is touch sensitive and looks elegant and attractive. It has an excellent resolution and offers clear images and video realme 5 pro. Even though the Realme has similar specifications as its sibling, the Oxygen Plus, the company has made several improvements in the areas of usability and multimedia features. In this review, we will look at some of the key features of Realme 5 are and how they can be used by the users.

The Realme 5 pro has a built in camera which is capable of shooting videos and pictures in high resolution and is compatible with most microSD cards. This impressive camera comes with a nice electronic viewfinder which can be used for taking panoramic shots and is accompanied by a self-timer. Other features like a touch pad, notification LED, and vibrator are present in phones of similar models and provide good value for money. The real 5 pro comes with a nice 4035 mah battery which is long enough to enable users to make several calls before the battery runs out of power.

On the other hand, the Realme 5 series of mobile phones are powered by Walkman series of processors from Samsung. The Walkman Processors has many advanced technology and are great for intensive tasks. They are available in single and dual core designs and use the best semiconductor technology to enable fast and responsive performance. Users can download apps and use media players quickly and easily and this feature further helps in providing users with a rich user experience. The Realme series comes with 16.4 MP camera with autofocus and manual iris.

Another important feature of Realme 5 pro price is the presence of a powerful multimedia processor, which helps in providing a rich media experience to the users. The real 5 pro has a complete media player with several audio & video options, supports high-definition video recording, and also has an inbuilt memory bank. The phone also comes along with a USB cable and an AC adaptor. It is powered by the quad-core Snapdragon processor, which is the best for performing tasks in short time.

Other features include: microSDHC Secure Digital card, suite of amazing features including: motion sensor, dual auto focus camera, 6 mega pixels camera, beautiful interface, and lot more. In the coming days, the Realme series will be launched in different regions and the whole world will know about it. The realme series will be available at all leading retailers and the realme 5 pro price will be less than the existing realme and pocket pc prices. So, it is expected that the real series will enjoy high demand and will become one of the most desired devices in the market.