Oil Free Moisturizer – Good Or Bad?

If you have oily or combination skin, you’ve probably come to realize that a lot of creams and lotions out there make your skin feel greasy. So your immediate reaction is probably to look for an oil free moisturizer.

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Oil free creams and lotions are not good for a variety of reasons. First of all, they tend to contain lots of synthetic ingredients that can do harm to your skin and health. After all, whatever you apply to your skin gets absorbed and enters your bloodstream hair oil.

Oil is not necessarily a bad thing. Oil free moisturizer strips your skin of its natural oils and coats it with unhealthy, synthetic ingredients that clog your pores in order to lock in moisture.

Instead of using oil free products, you need to find all natural moisturizers that contain natural oils known to balance sebum. Natural oils can effectively be used as moisturizers by people with oily skin because they actually leave your skin hydrated without making it greasy or dry.

So instead of using oil free moisturizer, look for a natural product that contains natural oils and ingredients such as maracuja, babassu, grapeseed oil, and jojoba oil.

These oils and natural substances are known to hydrate your skin deeply while absorbing any unwanted greasiness without drying your skin, thanks to their sebum-balancing properties.

It’s silly that so many people are scared of using products with oil because of all the misinformation out there. The problem with mainstream skin creams is that they contain mineral oil, a petroleum by-product. Mineral oil wreaks havoc on people with oily or combination skin because it clogs pores.

If you want to hydrate your skin naturally and effectively without making it feel too greasy or too dry, ditch the oil free moisturizer and look for a product that contains the aforementioned natural oils. These oils will create a protective barrier on your skin that locks moisture in and keeps dirt and grime out while at the same time balancing sebum. It’s a win-win situation.

So you’re probably wondering where you can find a product like this. You certainly won’t find it in your local drugstore or department store. In terms of buying all natural, highly effective, yet highly affordable skin care products, your best bet is to make the purchase online.

On the web, it’s possible to find natural products that contain such high quality oils because companies don’t have to deal with as much marketing and advertising thus can focus on manufacturing products of high quality for an affordable price.

Do yourself a favor and ditch the oil free moisturizer. It won’t make your skin soft and less greasy. It’s only going to cause acne and other problems due to the harsh chemical ingredients it contains.

For the best results, use a natural cream or lotion that contains oils from Mother Nature herself. That will make your skin soft and supple without making it too greasy or too dry.