How To Identify Cimex Lectularius – The Most Destructive Bed Bug

Bed bugs are insects that feed on living host such as rodents, birds, and the fur of domesticated animals. They are highly adapted to life cycle of human and they reproduce in one to two days. They are brown or reddish in color and they have large oval shaped black colored organs which are utilized to sense body heat. They have long and thin body, which enables them to suck human blood from under the skin. If you find any object or clothing that looks suspicious then it may be a bed bug.

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There are three kinds of bedbugs namely: Cimex lectularius, Cimex nigriceps and Chrysobothiumylese. These are generally found in temperate climates of the world and they thrive in places with warm temperature and moist surrounding. The most common places to find these bugs are: homes, hotels, motels, hotels and apartments and sometimes in your whole bldg and sometimes in your car. If you find any spot with these bugs then you should take immediate action because if these continue for two or more days without getting detected then they can multiply up to a hundred times and thus will start distributing all over your city. Once they start spreading all over the city, they can’t be controlled with your usual pest control methods so you need to take help of expert pest controller company. most of the time, you can easily identify bed bug nymphs but still the real damage takes place when they go into the pupal stage. When they reach this stage, they look like miniature adults. They can also produce a lot of heat in order to survive from the cold punaises de lit 94. Their adult stages are also difficult to detect because they are transparent. So if you find one in your whole bldg, you should isolate it and kill it as soon as possible. reason why most of the people don’t find them until they infest your home. When you have to detect them, there are some easy ways available for you. You can use a flashlight to see whether there are any bugs inside your home. When you are looking at your bedding and mattresses you should check the underside of the fabric. It’s the nymphs produced during the early stage that you need to focus on. These can easily be identified on the skin surface using a flashlight.

It is important to note that the nymphs are actually the insects that feed on blood only. So if you see any little bit of blood on the mattress or bed sheets, it means that the bedbugs have just fed on your blood. But if you see a lot of blood on the bedbug pupal, then this means that the adult male has fed on them. Most often, adult male bedbugs can be found on the undersides of your mattress or bed sheets. If you find the adult male on your bed, you should take immediate action because these pests are capable of multiplying so quickly. However, the quicker you get rid of the cimex lectularius, the better for your health as well as that of your family members.