Top 5 Asian Destinations for Global Investors – The 5 Tigers!

Which Asian countries are the champions? Who are the favourites? Where are the best Asia’s places to invest in real estate?

Each Asian country has its own market characteristics; from mortgage rates, interest rates to land availability and urban development. Every Asian country showcases unique real estate characteristics. If you play it right you win big. As simple as that. That’s the beauty of Asian’s real estate.

Now, without further a due, allow me to present to you the best places to invest in Asia:

Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and Shanghai – The 5 Tigers

The five tigers are definitely on the front-lines in terms of economic success, social security, global transparency, and urban development. Unlike other Asian countries, these countries have 九龍灣共享空間 opened its doors fully to global investors. The cities provide excellent infrastructure, well-established retail and commercial facilities, which makes it very attractive to foreign-investors.

Here are my honest opinions on each region’s market traits; what distinguish them, which sector is right for each country and what are their current market trends.

Tiger no. 1 – Singapore

Singapore is the 18th wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita. Besides its safe, clean and green environment, Singapore boasts rental yields of 4-10 % especially in prime areas. Its population is said to double by 2050 which to property investors, this represent outstanding growth in demand and return on investment. Currently, Singapore is experiencing an all-time high retail expansion. Government are letting in investors to invest in new casinos, High-end celebrity dining, glamorous hotels which then accumulate to big success in the retail property market.

Tiger no. 2 – Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world’s 11th largest trading entity. Many global companies picked Hong Kong as their portal to the rest of the Asian market, as it is a perfect mix of cultures from both east and west. Although Hong Kong is infamous for it’s rocket high property prices, but rental yields in this region is the most lucrative even Forbes agrees. In fact Forbes list Hong Kong as one of the best places to invest in real 觀塘共享空間 estate, especially in office spaces. As there are constantly a large number of expats in the region, rentals are in high demand. Rental at Traditional Center and Cheung San Wan is said to shot up to 52%!

Tiger no. 3 – Malaysia

Among the five tigers, Malaysia probably has the lowest buying cost at between 3.4 to 6.75% of the property value. Even with America’s financial crisis, there is no economic downturn for Malaysian developers. Malaysian big developers such as SP Setia Bhd and Bandar Raya developments reported the biggest revenue ever recorded at total revenue of USD$502.4million! Located on the tropical coast, Malaysia offers extensive white sandy beaches which attract tourists from all over the world. With relatively low living cost, steady economic growth, and attractive property prices, you certainly have nothing to lose!

Tiger no. 4 – India

India is the next emerging market. India is the only competitor that is able to keep up with China’s unbelievable economic growth. India is the definitely one of the fastest growing country in the world. With growth at such speed, property prices in India rose at about 20% as a whole, in cities like Mumbai and other National Capital Region property rose up to 50%! Although property prices are high, long-term investors will definitely benefit from investing in India’s market. There are more development plans waiting to be constructed; basic infrastructure such as roads, bus ways and others are in the way to boost the country’s accessibility.

Tiger no. 5 – Shanghai

The Chinese economic growth has never looked so good before and Shanghai is in the epicentre of China’s economic expansion. Expats are moving out from Hong Kong’s unbelievably expansive residential to live in Shanghai. Although Shanghai’s property prices are beginning to increase and follow the path of Hong Kong’s property market, it is still relatively cheaper. Demand in residential sector is at all-time high in Shanghai. Affordability is one of the most attractive incentives in Shanghai’s real estate industry. Although Shanghai is one of the busiest capitals in the world, its property prices are not as high as its predecessors such as Hong Kong or Mumbai. There is no reason on why Shanghai’s property price will not appreciate further, so get investing people!