Pet Peeves – We All Have Them

 Face it. We all have little pet peeves we harbor. We pull them out whenever we feel frustrated or overwhelmed. In some cases, pet peeves have been known to escalate into violence between perfect strangers, neighbors and friends. Often we see it as being treated disrespectfully or rudely. What’s one of your pet peeves?

The pet peeve that comes to mind for me is someone not using their turn signal while driving. Law in all 50 states requires it. All automobiles are required to have them and in functioning condition, yet every time I venture out into traffic I will see someone not using them properly or not at all

How much gas would be saved in this country if we simply would just use our signals when we intended to turn? I have waited and waited for someone coming in my lane expecting them to pass so I can turn and enter traffic only to have them turn into the street I was on. Had they just signaled their intent I would have turned and been on my way, instead I wasted a few seconds of gas. Now multiply that by the countless times this occurs throughout our great land each and every day and it amounts to thousands of gallons of imported oil being wasted…

So much for my pet peeve rant Poop Scooper Michigan. I feel better now.

How do you deal with a pet peeve? Do you have a co-worker, client or spouse who pushes your hot button over some pet peeve you have against them? Do you just push it down and let it fester? Do you use sarcasm and make a smart remark? Do you just let it slide and not let it bother you? If it doesn’t bother you, it’s not a pet peeve.

Pet peeves make us feel superior to others. After all I use my turn signal all the time. Well, more accurately I do it most of the time. I have caught myself changing lanes or making a move without signaling. I am human you know. See what I did? I justified my actions and maintained my superiority by not letting everyone else be human

Harboring a pet peeve can be destructive. It can drive a wedge into a relationship. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a client relationship or some relative, it will fester and grow until it erupts into an expression of bad feelings that will hurt and maybe kill the relationship. So how do you handle it?

Look at yourself first. We all do annoying things. We all get on each other’s nerves. We are all human. So look first at yourself and your shortcomings and then consciously realize that we are all in the same boat. We all have faults.

Interact with others on your terms. If you have someone particularly annoying in your life make sure that your interactions with him or her are on your terms. Don’t let yourself get blind sided by their behavior. Make their behavior their problem not yours. If your situation requires you to be around them only interact with them when you are rested, alert, and not distracted so you can consciously make the right choices in dealing with them. Remember being polite is the key.

Get to know the person that’s annoying you. Sometimes if you can understand where a person is coming from you can tolerate them and their behavior easier. Many of us have backgrounds that handicap us socially. Doesn’t mean we aren’t sincere, caring human beings. It just means we make social mistakes. Getting to know a person’s history goes a long way to understanding them.

Diffuse difficult situations with humor. Sometimes just seeing the humor in a pet peeve can help you handle it. I’ve gotten to where I just comment on how sad it is that the fancy luxury car in front of me didn’t come equipped with turn signals. Then I chuckle and go on to something else. Try it the next time something gets under your skin.

Life’s too short to waste time nurturing a pet peeve. It’s all right to not like certain behavior and if need be to remove yourself if you can. All to often though we have to get along together for our common good. We as vendors must get along with customers. Co-workers must work together to be productive and get along with the boss. You get the picture. Don’t let a pet peeve eat your lunch. It’s just not worth it.