Texas Mortgage Loans

Today, across the nation, many people are interested in Texas mortgage loans. This is because the state laws of Texas offer some more benefits to loan buyers than other state laws. There are more than 400 mortgage lending companies in Texas. They offer first mortgages, second mortgages and mortgage refinancing loans at low interest rates.

Texas lenders offer different types of mortgage loans such as home equity, jumbo, super jumbo, hard money, commercial mortgages, apartments and multi family mortgages. These mortgage loans are available for all including good credit, slow amerinet credit, bad credit customers, and for first time home buyers, but the interest rates and rules can vary with the type of the loan and the credit rating of the customer.

The most popular of all Texas mortgage loans are Texas home equity loans, also known as Texas cash out loans. According to the state rules, you can only borrow 80% of the appraised value of your homestead property. The closing costs must not exceed 35% of the loan amount. All property owners must sign a 12 day letter, known as the “cooling off” period, before any Texas Home equity loan can close.

Most Texas mortgage loan lenders are city based. You can find them simply by searching the Internet. There are a number of Internet sites, both promotional and informative, that provide all information about these lenders and their mortgage loan plans. You can contact these companies through phone, email, or fax. Before applying for a loan, carefully go through the interest rates, fees, penalties, and rules and regulations regarding the loan. Filing of online applications for most Texas mortgage loans is free.

There are a number of loan brokers in Texas, who can help you find suitable loans. These brokers also provide comparisons of current Texas mortgage loan rates and benefits.