STD Test at Home – Do You Need This?

My wife is anemic, so on our way to the doctor’s office last week, we decided to do a site test at home instead of going to the hospital. We were turned down both times, so we decided to come home and do it. What did we find out? Our urine did not test positive for gonorrhea. It tested negative for hepatitis. So, since I was already coming in for an STD test, I knew my wife would be fine.

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My guess is that many other couples are experiencing the same thing. Home testing is growing in popularity for a lot of different reasons. If you are concerned that a loved one you care about might have an STD, then you should consider home testing. Even if they have been tested and found positive, there are still some things that you can do to decrease their risk std test at home.

Some STD home tests only require you to go to one or two locations and get tested. This can be a great way to save money. Many people will travel to the doctor’s office and pay out of pocket for this testing. While it is typically much less expensive than going to the hospital for testing, it is not reliable. If the home testing did turn up something, there is still no guarantee that it was actually the cause of the problem.

Other home tests simply require you to go to a specific location. The problem with this is it is easy to forget where you took the test. When you go somewhere at random, you have a higher chance of forgetting. It can also waste time if you have to go back to the same place to take another test. It is important to remember that STD home tests can be very accurate, but they can also be very inaccurate.

When I found out that my wife had genital warts, I was very eager to take an STD home test. Unfortunately, this particular STD requires an embarrassing visit to the doctor’s office. I knew that going to the doctor’s office would end up being a waste of time and money, so I chose to try out a home test. Let me explain how the results of the home test worked out for me.

The home test that I took showed that my wife has HPV, the common STD. She was definitely positive, but the symptoms for HPV do not usually show until much later. In order to get an accurate result, the home test needs to be dated. This means that it should be dated within the six months prior to when the symptoms are first noticed.

About six weeks after my wife took the test, she started experiencing symptoms. The symptoms were similar to those of genital warts. All of my symptoms were pretty much the same as her symptoms, including itching, burning and bleeding of the anus and vagina. About a week later she started experiencing more severe symptoms, which included a bloody stool, vaginal discharge and a fishy odor.

When I took the home testing, the nurse at the time diagnosed her as having HPV. Because of my wife’s history with an STD, I thought it was best to confirm the results with a proper STD test at a doctor’s office. Thankfully, the results were positive and my wife was diagnosed with HPV, which is one of the most serious STDs out there today.

Unfortunately, like many’s there are no symptoms for HPV or any other STD for that matter. For people who do have symptoms it can range anywhere from two days to six months before a rash develops. I know from experience that it is not easy to deal with the pain of a sexually transmitted disease without some type of relief. For this reason, it is imperative that people who practice safe sex take a home test every time they have any type of sexually active relationship.

There are a number of different home testing kits that can be used. A few of these include the saliva testing, swab testing and blood tests. Each one of them is quite unique in their results and ease of use. Depending on the symptoms you may have, you should consult your doctor to determine if you need to see a doctor or not. Once you have been diagnosed with an STD, it is imperative that you take steps to stop it from spreading.

If you have symptoms, you will want to get a home tested STD test kit. The hardest part about living with an STD is the fact that you do not have a cure for it yet. However, there are home tested STD treatment options that you can take advantage of. These are easy to use, affordable and are available to anyone. Home testing is the way to go when it comes to protecting yourself and your family.


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