The Dream As Reel of Film

Life is a dream, nothing is permanent. No- thing exists but only in the dream. You and the world are your thoughts. There is nothing but thought.

Life is a dream, we call it Consciousness. The only truth is consciousness. But when the surgeon puts the gas in your mouth and tells you goodbye you are dead. There is nothing – no consciousness, no you, no they. All the craziness, all the worry and struggle, all the love and beauty are extinguished. There is no other dream when you’re dead, when you are under the knife. Nobody dreams under anesthesia. Your mind is perfectly quiet, and you are dead in a complete void. They cut and burn your body. They keep your heart pumping for the Resurrection, the awakening of the dream.

You were alive, and your world a storm of thought. Then with a single injection you’re dead. The world, for an hour, ends, and the dream is extinguished. There is no need to go beyond this.

The dream, your life, is a running reel, one frame lost after another, thoughts streaming. So it can never Streaming VF be permanent. You can keep one frame for a moment, but the machine driving the thoughts through is incessant. The reel of your life rolls onto the floor, and you – the Observer – see the mound growing high at your feet. You can see all the scenes from your life; you pick up a frame and look, reliving the past for a moment, but in this moment you’re missing everything that is still currently streaming by the projector. By examining the past you are missing the present moment, and the current frame – Now – quickly becomes Past without you noticing.

You quickly move your gaze to the massive spool which is feeding the machine. Layer upon layer of film, of scenes from your life to come, thickly amassed. It’s a formidable spool, and you cannot see into the layers, but while your gaze is fixed on what not has come, the current frames become Past without your attention.

You’ve seen the past and seen the future, but you have not lived the present moment, and one day the doctor comes, lays the needle into your vein, and there is no thought – no film. Your experience of the world movie, the dream, and the experience of “I”, is extinguished.