Causes And Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

Yeast infection also commonly known as candidiasis is a type of fungal infection. It encircles infections ranging from superficial to systematic life threatening diseases. It can cause infections such as oral thrush, vaginitis, cancer, transplant, AIDS. They afflict both women and men. They also cause skin infections commonly discomfort and local inflammation. The common symptoms of the infection are itching, soreness or burning sensation.

What are the causes of yeast infection

  • Taking antibiotics is one of the major reasons for the infection. Antibiotics do kill the bacteria causing cold and cough but also kill the useful and good bacteria which is required keravita pro by the intestines to fight infections.
  • Drinking beer increases the intake of yeast which if followed by sweets becomes very dangerous. Sugar is basically the best food for its growth and a bad diet always invites infection.
  • Tight clothes (produce moisture on the skin) and poor hygiene also act as a home for yeast.People suffering from diabetes are commonly more prone to be infected with the infection.
  • Hormonal imbalance in women is also a major reason of the infection. Sexual intercourse can also spread yeast infections commonly the vaginal and penile yeast infection.
  • Inks, perfumes and even condoms can cause infection as they use a chemical which irritates the skin and helps yeast to grow.

Home cures for yeast infection

  • Having garlic or a garlic supplement can be very useful. Garlic has anti-fungal properties and is a great remedy for yeast infection. Having yogurt can be very helpful in getting rid of your infections faster.
  • Avoiding tight dirty clothes and wearing loose cotton clothes and keeping your surroundings clean can be very helpful.
  • Avoid using perfumes and creams that cause itching. After a shower dry yourself quickly as the body has moisture and is a great place for yeast to grow.
  • Avoiding foods having high sugar levels and taking a healthy diet also help a lot.
  • Avoiding alcohol and antibiotics is a must.
  • While sexual intercourse, protection should always be used unless you are clear with the fact that you or your partner does not have an infection.

So it is recommended that a person should always wear clean loose clothes, always take a shower after you sweat, avoid alcohol and antibiotics, live in a clean surrounding, avoid perfumes and creams that lead to skin irritation, have safe sex and always have a healthy diet. If you follow these steps you will definitely stay away from recurring yeast infection and also keep your friends and family safe.