Unique Artisan Crafts

Artisan crafts are very unique. They are made by skilled manual workers often by their own hands. An artisan is sometimes also known as a craftsman. This is someone who uses tools but usually does not use machinery, or if so does to very rarely. These tools are used in a special way to create a handmade article.
This type of skill was very popular during the Middle Ages. In Europe, there were craftsman who would organize into guild or associations of master artisans. They would be granted charters by the local authorities. If you wanted to become an artisan in a guild, you would have to earn it by working as an unpaid apprentice under peintre 95 another master artisan.
If you then completed your training, you would become a paid journeyman. Then, before you could become a master artisan, you would have to produce something that met the high standards of the guild.
Handmade artisan crafts have been around for many centuries. Artisan jewelry in fact, can be traced back as far as 7000 BC. This was when gold and copper were first used as adornments. Artisan jewelry is popular but it was not the only thing that artisans created. Some made pottery, furniture, tapestries and glassware.
Certain cultures and areas are known for unique artisan crafts that aren’t found in other areas or eras such as turquoise pieces from the Native Americans or cameo jewelry pieces from the Italians. Today, artisans are still creating unique, inspiring, beautiful pieces of unique crafts and jewelry pieces each and every day. They are great for gifts, for collectibles and many even as functional items.
With unique artisan crafts, you can guarantee you are getting something that no one else has and that can’t be found in stores. This is another reason why these unique artisan crafts are growing in popularity today.

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