5 Steps to Select a Bird Cage for Your Pet Bird

As a bird owner, it is important that you provide your pet with considerable amount of living space. Birds come in different colors, shapes, sizes and there are numerous cages in the market today. Although the choices seem to be unlimited, when it comes to choosing the right sort of cage for your bird, there are a few rules to remember to select the perfect bird cage.

Finding the right location:

The first basic rule in selecting a cage for your pet bird is to decide the location of the cage. With that worked out, you can go ahead and shop for a cage with ease. Ensure that the location should be away from windows and doors in safe place. Also, the location should be in an active place that helps the pet to socially interact with you and your steel bite pro family.

Size of the cage:

The next step in choosing the right type of cage depends on the size of your pet bird. It is absolutely okay to keep your little Canary or your Finch in a small confined space; nevertheless, it is always advisable that you go ahead with the biggest possible cage in the market. Keeping your little pet within a confined space may lead to undefined behavior such as screaming, biting or other psychological disturbances that may spoil the mood of your pet and your ambience as well. Just make sure that the cage is quite large enough for your bird to move around freely.

Also bear in mind to keep those other accessories around. Say for instance a food bowl, a toy, and other munchies and tidbits for him to munch around.

Keep the bars well-spaced:

Another major factor to look out when buying a cage is the space between the bars. Smaller birds do not require a great deal of spacing and are okay with an inch or so. But for the larger ones, say a parakeet, bars of medium spacing is required. You go to be really careful, because most of them are renowned escape players and just tend to squeeze around the bars if they get an opportunity! The best way to overcome them is to use bars that are horizontally spread instead of the vertical ones so that your pet gets some exercise and at the same time doesn’t escape.

Style of the cage:

Style is yet another important feature. According to many vets across the globe, cages that are round in nature are not preferred by the birds and they have been found to have a great impact on their mental health as well. Cages that come with specific angles are preferable and ensure that the style is suitable to accommodate the kind of species that you own.

Quality of the cage matters the most!

It is important to know the overall quality and the sturdiness of the cage before you place your pet into it! Check twice to see if there are any sharp edges to prevent any injury to your pet. The best quality metal is stainless steel and cages made of this metal are easy to clean, non-hazardous and do not wear away with ease.


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