Want a Sexy Flat Belly? Don’t Read Food Labels

A flat belly is the holy grail for many women. A lifelong quest that despite every effort remains elusive and unfulfilled. Magazine diets feature tantalizing shots of models with ever so sexy flat stomachs, and you leap in to the latest diet. You scour the shops, devouring labels to make sure that your diet is low-carb, or low-carb or high-protein – whatever the fad diet says.

What you might not know is that one of your closest allies, the food label, is actually an enemy agent, double-crossing okinawa flat belly tonic you at every turn.┬áLet’s look at a few:

– Whole grain – there is no FDA definition of “whole grain”. Provided there is some whole grain in a product, the manufacturer can call it whole grain.
– Sugar free – most foods labeled sugar free replace the sugar with artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols
– Low-carb – like sugar free these foods are often full of sweeteners
– 0g Trans-fats – doesn’t even mean that a food has no dangerous trans fats, only that the food has less than 0.5g

So what’s the impact on your flat belly aspirations? In short, a devastating blow that will undermine your other efforts. 

Consider this:

– The refined starches and sugars that make up the rest of the grain that isn’t “whole” will send your blood sugar rocketing. You might as well have eaten a donut.

– Artificial sweeteners contain toxins (including chlorine in some) that will send your body into a hormonal meltdown and causing it to store more belly fat. Not to mention giving you cravings for more.

If you really want to get a flat, sexy stomach you should avoid these products, and really read the labels very carefully. Look for a diet plan that doesn’t involve fad foods or supplements, and is instead based on proven long-term research, both in the lab and with real life case studies.

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