Biomimicry and Data Deleting for Artificial Intelligence Future Programming Considered

Many years the prior I was having an intellectually stimulating conversation about how to train Artificial Intelligence when it came time to relearn something. That is to say remove and replace a response in the data base with the new correct best answer based on experience. My acquaintance at Carnegie Mellon at that time noted that they’d experienced something interesting in this regard. If the old data wasn’t deleted the system would operate in a schizophrenic way, that is to say it would go back between each of the previous programmed answers, the new learned way or the old way programmed at the beginning. Let’s talk.

Have you ever learned a technique wrong? Perhaps, a martial arts move, or move in tennis, or your golf stroke. Well, it’s really much harder to relearn something you’ve done the wrong way or at less the less optimal way over and over again in the past. Maybe that’s Synapse xt why as we recall memories they become modified over time, or why our brains allow us to forget, and thus, we are able to re-record? Ever consider that? Have you ever found yourself in this situation; you are doing something, the way you’ve always done it, but you now know a better and more efficient new way – but you choose to simply do it the old way – because that’s the way you know and it works, and your mind can do it on autopilot without thinking, even if you know there is an easier way?

Well, there was an interesting article on Science Daily online news titled; “New Theory of Synapse Formation in the Brain,” published on October 10, 2013 which stated; “The human brain keeps changing throughout a person’s lifetime. New connections are continually created while synapses that are no longer in use degenerate. To date, little is known about the mechanisms behind these processes,” and the researchers “also provide a new theory on the plasticity of the brain — and a novel approach to understanding learning processes and treating brain injuries and diseases.”

I wonder if we build computer programs in the future which will delete features we don’t use to safe space, or send data to long-term storage elsewhere to free up working memory. In a way we do some of that now, but evolution has provided a nice format and strategy, we need to double up or even triple up on this area of research. And what about muscle memory as someone stops one sport and takes up another, eventually those muscles go away, but all those connections which are now formed and that structure should be used for other pathways of information and memory. Please consider it and think on this.