What Kind of Surf Board You Should Start With

Do you want to surf but seriously don’t know how? First off, don’t use a short board, you might be able to catch any waves. You should know that short boards aren’t the way to go if you just start off. You should start at the whitewash with a long board so you can catch some easy waves. Some 1-2 feet waves are perfect for a long board and it is actually pretty fun.

What size is considered long? You can say that a regular long board size is around 7-10 feet long. The longer it is the easier it is to catch waves. That is why the long board is so easy to catch waves. You Inflatable paddle board just need know when to start paddling and when you have caught the wave. A lot of people make the mistake that they are already on the wave and try to stand up to early. That is where they fail.

So when do you start paddling so you can catch the wave? Well first off you don’t even need much paddling to catch the wave with the long board. So just a few powerful strokes and you are on your way to catching your first wave. But make sure that you feel the pull of the wave. It sucks you in but keeps moving forward. It’s like a push pull effect. You will definitely feel it.