What is Different When it Comes to Juicy Couture Perfume?

There are several differences between Juicy Couture perfume and ordinary perfume. These differences encompass both newer perfumes that have recently been introduced on the market and older perfumes. With regard to the newer perfume labels, Juicy Couture perfume is newer because it does not feature a celebrity endorsement. Most of the newer perfumes that have been introduced on the market over the past several years have had a celebrity stamp, such as Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, both of whom introduced their own perfume brand on the market in recent years. Like those perfumes, however, Juicy Couture perfume enjoys much of the popularity that the celebrity perfumes receive, without the endorsement.

Juicy Couture perfume is different than other perfumes on the market that traditionally are marketed towards either casual or evening wear. Perfume scent is much like clothing and even makeup to the extent that it is usually reserved for causal or formal occasions. A perfume with a light, floral blend may be used in the daytime while a scent with a spicier, more woodsy aroma will be used in the evening for more formal occasions. Most women have several brands of perfume that they use, selecting some for daytime wear and others for going out in the evening.

Unlike other perfumes, Juicy Couture perfume is different as it is suitable for both evening and daytime wear. A woman can feel free to wear it while out for lunch just as she would if she was to go out to a formal occasion in the evening.

Like other perfumes, Juicy Couture perfume is available in pure perfume form, which is the most concentrated of the scent, as well as a variety of different sprays, creams and gels. Many women, who just want a hint of fragrance for the day will shower using bath gel. This is often enough to give you the scent that will linger make my scent singapore throughout the day without being overpowering. Juicy Couture perfume is a blend of fruit and woodsy scents and is somewhat unique in the perfume industry for its use of fruits such as watermelon, passion fruit, mandarin and apple. While citrus fruits have long since been used in perfumery to create a scent, Juicy Couture perfume incorporates other fruits along with woodsy scents to give it uniqueness in the perfume industry.